Ph.D in Design-Engineering

The PhD curriculum provides education and research programs in various design fields and has a goal to produce researchers with strong backgrounds in design research,
knowledge & practical field. Creative Design Engineering School operates together with a leading technological facility. Students will enroll in basic mandatory courses as well as
researching in areas of their own interest. Presently, the PhD program provides research areas in product / service design, product experience, and design engineering process, all
in relation with product / service innovation. From these areas, design aesthetics, new product / service development, user experience, human-computer interaction, design theory
and methodology, design engineering are studied with depth. 

ph.d List
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2 Ph.D in Design-Engineering 인기글첨부파일 CDE 09-22 2742
1 2018 CDE Curriculum 인기글첨부파일 CDE 01-27 1966
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