IID Lab Wins Reddot & IDEA Design Awards

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IID Lab, led by Prof. Kwanmyung Kim, has won several design awards renowned worldwide.


SONORE, designed by Narae Moon(Alumnus), Myungjin Kim(Master's Program), Haebin Lee(Doctoral Program)​ and Wooin Jang(Undergraduate Intern), received Bronze Award in IDEA 2017.


SONORE is an educational electronic guidebook for pregnant women. The device shows mothers-to-be how to handle emergencies during pregnancy. First started as a graduation project by CDE alumni Narae Moo​, IID Lab students have developed the early-stage prototype into fully-functioning prototype.


Prof. Kim's team also won acclaim over several design awards as well. Maze Cube, designed by Jihyun Yang(Undergraduate Intern), Myungjin Kim and Haebin Lee, received Red Dot Design Award 2017, and Gold Award in SPARK Design Award 2017. 'Maze Cube’ is a transformable 3-dimensional cubic maze for children around 10 years old. Users put a ball into the entrance of the ‘Maze Cube’ and move the ball by rotating the ‘Maze Cube’, then the ball comes out of the exit. ‘Maze Cube’ can raise children’s abilities about gravity, spatial perception and concentration. Furthermore it can help develop their creativity. They can build unique and various path ways. It can also have many possible solutions within a clear purpose to exit a ball.


For more detail, please visit here(SONORE) and here(Maze Cube)