Winning Four Prizes in Spark Design Awards

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UNIST ID/CDE has recorded a strong performance in Spark Design Awards 2016!


Date: 2016. 12. 9.


Spark!: BabyKing (led by prof. Yunwoo Jeong (main), prof. Chajoong Kim and prof. Young-Woo Park, students: Jungwoo Kim, Jaehee Kim, in collaboration with LG Electronics H&A)

Silver: Sea Cat (led by prof. Yunwoo Jeong, students: Jungwoo Kim, Jiwoo Kim)

Bronze: NEST (led by prof. Chajoong Kim, students: Yoonki Ahn, Kwangmin Cho) and Plant Diary (led by prof. Young-Woo Park and prof. James Self, students: Subin Kim, Sangsu Jang)