2016 Benchmarking

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* 2016 Benchmarking Trip to Universities/Institutions where leads Design-Engineering Interdisciplinary Education (디자인-공학융합교육 선도기관 벤치마킹)

* Date: 2016.02.10~02.20

   2016-02-10 : Incheon to Melbourne, Australia

   2016-02-11 : Visit Swinburne University (Tour facilities and presentation of the Center for Design Innovation and Factory of the Future)

   2016-02-12 : Visit to Monash University and RMIT

   2016-02-13 : Meeting with Blair Kuys, group dinner on behalf of Blair Kuys and Swinburne University

   2016-02-14 : Melbourne to Singapore

   2016-02-15 : Visit Singapore University of Technology and Design

   2016-02-16 : Visit Division of Industrial Design in National University of Singapore

   2016-02-17 : Singpore to Incheon & Incheon to Tokyo

   2016-02-18 : Tokyo to Komats. Visit JAIST and meeting with Prof. Yukari. Back to Tokyo

   2016-02-19 : Visit CHIBA University. Meeting with Prof. Watanabe and Prof. Iwagana

   2016-02-20 : Tokyo to Incheon