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In these days, coping with an anxiety as a negative emotion became a daily issue for people. People attempts various methods such as taking medicines, listening to music, or having a massage therapy to handle the negative emotions. According to the literature studies and exploratory study, it was found that touching behaviors have a connection with the anxiety. In the literature studies, touch sense was divided into various properties which help to observe objects. Even though the studies on the various properties of touch sense were carried out, the relationship between touch sense and the anxiety was not studied deeply. In this research, therefore, the research goal was set to provide a knowledge as a reference for designers, such as which tactile interaction is related to the anxiety control. To reach the goal, research question was set as “what role does each tactile experience has in the moment of the anxiety?” Many methods that were used for coping the anxiety forced people to do new activities such as visiting massage place or bringing a phone to listen to music. In this study, we focused on a natural act which can help people to ease the anxiety at the right time, at the right place, and without any new activities. Stimuli utilized for the main experiment were made based on the properties of touch sense referring to literature studies. The experiment was conducted with 50 participants from two different universities, and three different types of business. The video clip provoking anxiety was prepared as a material use for the experiment. Participants touched the stimuli and played while watching the prepared video clip. Participants were asked to rank the stimuli from the most helpful to the least helpful to ease the anxiety, and an interview to ask the reason was followed afterward. From the experiment, we could find out that there are preferred properties of touch sense which is helpful to ease the anxiety. It is expected that this finding will provide a knowledge for future designers to induce them to design products which will have a potential to help users to cope the anxiety. Keywords: Touch, Touch interaction, Touch behavior, Tactile property, Negative emotion, Anxiety 

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