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Nowadays, music streaming services have been most widely used thanks to digital technologies advanced. As physical format (vinyl, tapes, CDs and DVDs) gives way to digital delivery, it also deprives experiences that people used to have in music listening experience such as loss of attachment to and dehumanization of music. Based on this background, the purpose of this study is to explore how to give ‘physical properties’ to intangible data to recover “psychological ownership” such as effort and confidence. Our main question is how psychological ownership appears through the combination of digital music and tangible weight. For this study, we conducted a user study with "MuScale", a research product created through interviews and concept selection. Six participants used this product for two weeks. MuScale has introduced a way to sustain the value of digital music through the concept of ‘psychological ownership’ of digital content. First, while experiment, participants represented desire to create additional music cube or complete playlist through modifying. Second, they satisfied managing their mood through controlled atmosphere and reflected potential goals for their daily life. Reflecting potential goals on the three different weights can lead to increase psychological ownership of digital content by inducing 'self-reflections' that allow one to realize the user’s intentions in the content consumption process. Third, we could find that a MuScale used as a communication tool. MuScale was a method for a conversation which provided a positive experience and the desire to use it in a more social context in the future. From these, we could make a conclusion that four aspect of psychological ownership appears various phenomenon. Combining tangible weight with digital music contents is a new way to improve achievement through reflect potential goals. And through this study, we provided designers with the possibility and opportunity to materialize their tastes and lifestyles in a sharing context. Keywords: Music, Tangible interaction, Rematerialization, weight

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