[2020.02] SLOWPIXELS: Slow-design for reflective retrieval of personal…

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We introduced the design and findings in our user study of SLOWPIXELS, a photo printer which aims to stimulate reflection & memory recall through the re-materialization of digital photos. Photos were serendipitously retrieved dependent upon position of two sliders: When did I take the photo (photo date slider) & Where did I take the photo (distance from home slider). SLOWPIXELS used its owner’s Instagram account metadata. We tested SLOWPIXELS to 20 participants for 11 days to investigate how the Slow-design could support reflective retrieval of personal photos. Findings revealed that SLOWPIXELS encourage users to reflect their past by unexpected pictures and promote their social bond. We also found that SLOWPIXELS has a design possibility in the public space for event-like situation. For example, in café or student community centre. These findings suggested several contributions, such as designing for revisiting serendipitous memories on the past, empowering social communication, and new way of retrieval of photography while exploring the slow-design agenda within the Design Research community.

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