[2017.02] Adding Value to Boksoondoga through Product (re)Design

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The design school at UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology) in partnership with ‘Boksoondoga’, a producer of Korean traditional rice wines, adds value through a combination of sensitivity to brand identity and engineering knowledge. Boksoondoga’s traditional techniques and their own unique product identity; a tension between the traditional and modernity, together with the key terms: High-quality, Gentrify and Value were used as departure points for the project. In keeping with the company’s desire for increased product range we provide a product addition targeted towards individualised consumption. Moreover, we address a further problem of excessive overspill spray on opening, due to the carbonated nature of the beverage and its further fermentation during shipping. A patentable stop-ridge and discontinued bottle-top thread allows staggered opening and the venting of trapped gas through a specially designed vent-space. Thus, we provide both engineered solution together with aesthetically sensitive interventions to support and progress Boksoondoga’s unique identity and core values.

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