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Mobility is developing with reflecting various factors such as social, environmental, cultural things in people’s lifestyle. In these days,
‘Change of Motor Power Source’ and ‘Autonomous Driving’, these two things are the hottest issues in the mobility industry. There are two purposes in this paper. One is to clarify what direction the ‘Mobility’ should pursue by chronological data collection and analysis of mobility development with lifestyle change. Second, the thesis aims to inspire for mobility development by proposing future mobility design concept.   

For these two purposes, both future mobility trend research and future lifestyle trend research are investigated. According to the mobility development with lifestyle change, the tendency of future mobility is presented. According to the 'mapping concept' that combines both lifestyle trend and mobility trend, new mobility ideas are grouped as three : Personal mobility that is for first mile and last mile to use sharing car or public transportation(GroupA), Personal mobility that is specialized in travel or relaxing(GroupB), and ECO mobility that can be attachable, detachable each other depending on the purpose of use(GroupC). ‘Future Trunk’ is proposed as the development of future mobility concept GroupB. It is developed with key words of Relax, Travel, and Openness. Through design process from primary idea sketch to prototyping, core design factors are found and applied to the ‘Future Trunk’. In this paper, ‘Future Trunk’ concept is identified that personal electric vehicle for travel with 6 core factors. The concept offers the enjoyment of moving and traveling by the 6 core factors. Finally, the concept ‘Future Trunk’ is evaluated by three experts that has different perspective such as design, engineering, and sociology.




Keywords: Future Mobility, Future Lifestyle, Trend, Electric Vehicle, E.V, Autonomous Driving, Travel, Luxury, Concept, Mobility Concept Design; 

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