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FlipMe is an IoT (Internet of Things) companion augmenting peer-to-peer interaction for active online learning. Online learning continues to see rapid growth with millions of students now engaging online and remote courses as convenient alternatives to conventional classroom-based teaching. Despite these advantages, online learning can suffer from limited opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement between students, resulting in high drop-out rates. In order to address this challenge, we developed FlipMe. The FlipMe design provides three different tangible interfaces. First, the flipping top interface provides physicalized data of peer learning activities in real time. Second, a physical nudge function, through the interactive handle, is provided to support peer-to-peer interaction. Finally, group study activity is expressed through a playful 'rolling-ball' feedback. The result of in-lab user study showed that FlipMe encourages users to study through demonstrating learning activities between peers. In addition, we discovered that users are engaged and play with FlipMe as a playful companion to stimulate more active learning during extended study sessions. Lastly, we found that users had attachment through FlipMe’s aesthetic and also analog book flipping motion and sound. Through this distinctive approach FlipMe can play a motivational role for students to study actively with their peers. To sum up, this thesis contributes to the improvement of peer learning activities in online leaning through 1) designing and implementing the tabletop IoT companion providing information on peers’ learning activities and opportunity to communicate in online learning context, and 2) evaluated how a tangible interface can promote peer leaning activities and reveal the value and potential of FlipMe. 3) We suggest a mobile application screen that is designed to connect learning experience in both on/offline learning environment mutually.

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