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Breathing is always a necessary part of people. However, the term "breathing method" is not commonly used, and it is widely used only in a specific field. Yoga offers a variety of breathing methods, alternative medicine also suggests breathing method. There are papers that can be used to lower stress using deep breathing. Despite these advantages of breathing, apps that encourage people to breathe easily are not able to draw deep involvement of people. I tried to design for stressed students or stationery workers as target users and fit them into their living environment desks. In this paper, I propose a breathing product, Breath Time, and investigate its breathing exercise effect compared to apps. The breathing time is a product that changes volume to 3d by moving out of the current solution, 2d display environment. To express the volumetric change, I used hoverman sphere mechanism composed of frames. It was designed to be an on-desk product to be placed on desk for my target user considering their context. As an breathing exercise product, it has several modes right now, for relax, for sleep and using pranayama breathing method. These three methods are commonly used in the breathing field. They have different inhaling, exhaling and holding time. In this study, I compared brething data got from apps and product each. After checking the breathing pattern, interview was conducted to get the thoughts on the product. Six breathing graph is got from each participants for comparing three different breathing methods. To analyze the data, normalization was used to compare the breathing graph waveform. To quantify similarity of two graph, Pearson correlation coefficient was used. Interview was conducted to gather the difference of breathing between product and apps. Through the experiment, I identified that the breathing exercise effect of product was similar to apps. But, in aspect of breathing itself, both apps and product had a main problem on breathing that it was hard to following exactly as breathing instruction. Due to reaction time and personal breathing ability, this phenomenon occurred. New type of system should be suggested and this will be metion in the discussion. Interview data was also collected and analyzed and the I glanced the potial using as an on-desk product. People mentioned this mechanism make people feel mindfulness.

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