[2017.02] Geometry Appcessory for Visually Impaired Children

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Name Marian Adusei Date17-01-16 14:25 Hit644 Comment0


Visually impaired children face challenges in learning spatial contents and materials, such as geometry. While many existing tools, such as string boards, or protractors with physical angle markers, can facilitate learning, these devices are highly specific: they tackle single issues and it can be hard to generalize the knowledge gained from their use into a broad understanding of the topic. This problem contributes to low levels numeracy in visually impaired individuals. Addressing these problems, this research presents Clicks, a digital manipulative product for visually impaired children that supports a range of geometry education tasks and ties physical adjustments to the device to a dynamic digital representation and additional audio feedback. Clicks comprises a construction kit of simple geometric primitives that snap together to produce a range of more complex forms such as lines, angles, triangles and rectangles. When placed on a tablet computer, the geometry of these objects is sensed (via the capacitive touch screen and electrodes embedded in the objects) and audio feedback is provided.

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