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This paper is about developing the new opportunity area of product design. This study has meaning of suggesting a product concept concerning current market demands and explaining those concepts rather than a specific research. Following is the structure of the paper; 1) analyzing the trend of home appliance market, 2) figuring out the product categories which have the potential to become products, 3) suggesting design concepts after the ideation, 4) setting the specific product specs and user scenario, 5) finally, elaborating the process of materialization. The opportunity area is grasped under the current trends, including convergence home appliances, increase of single-person household, the growth of the air purifier market due to the fine dusts and styler markets. Also, a concept, including appearance, UI and use scenario of air purifying steam humidification product which is an added styler function is suggested. The strength of this concept is the space efficiency with multi functions; air purifying, steam humidification and clothes styling. To materialize this concept, center of gravity for safety, air purifying motors, filters, principle of steam humidification, proper capacity of a water bucket and moving principles of styling hanger were found. Afterwards, research results were applied to modeling in accordance with the concept. Additionally, the scale of product and sense of usability were tested through the prototyping. So, in conclusion, the effectiveness of concept is proved although supplementation work would be needed after the detailed user research with a working prototype.

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