[2018.02] Quietto : a Concrete-casted Interactive Timepiece Representi…

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There has been growing desire for a bond between people and digital information beyond GUI based applications. The aim of this study is to explore how to make in-depth interaction between user and calendar information to give positive effect on time management and scheduling. In this research, I introduce Quietto: an interactive timepiece molded in concrete representing calendar information through time. It shows upcoming daily schedules and the time through the quiet, ambient motions of a clock hand and light through the concrete touch interface. The results of an in-field user observation of 10 participants over 3 days showed Quietto provides an intuitive and effective representation of its users’ daily schedules and can be used as a private, personal device. I also found that the possibilities of using concrete as a unique and attractive material for designing a tangible interface due to its unexpected haptic feeling. Through its distinctive design, Quietto can provide a new way of understanding calendar information through physical time interval, its concrete texture and amusing interaction qualities. The contributions of this thesis are as follow. First, I suggested a design approach for how to lead in-depth interaction between calendar information and user through related works study. Second, I developed a new way of representing calendar information and presented issues to be considered. Finally, through the in-field trials, I revealed the value and potential of Quietto that positively affects user’s scheduling and time management.

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