Professional Master of Design-Engineering


The curriculum of our graduate school is designed to help students develop practical abilities in the design industry. The program will focus in understanding design thinking, problem-solving, engineering knowledge and industrial technologies. Every semester students will learn necessary skills and integrated knowledge in developing a new product by participating in projects by collaborating with a company. By learning from company experts and advisory professors, students will acquire in-depth field knowledge. During the end of the semester, students will exhibit their working prototype of their service/ product and will apply for a patent. Knowledge that is needed for product development can be learned by taking separate specific courses. 



For graduation, there will be an individual 1 year graduation project with a sponsoring company, developing a product. Students are expected to write a

graduation paper based upon their project progress and at the pinnacle, exhibit their working prototype that is both functional and aesthetic. Company experts

and advisory professors will all participate as the project progresses.

 ​Recommendation for Course-taking

 1st Semester

2nd Semester 

 Summer or Winter Vacation (1st yr)

 3rd Semester

 4th Semester 

  Integrated Design Project I 

 ​ 통합디자인프로젝트 I

  Integrated Design Project II

  통합디자인프로젝트 II

  Industry Internship


  Integrated Design Project III

  통합디자인프로젝트 III

  Master Graduation Project


  Elective course 1

  Elective course 3

  Start-up Training


  Elective course 5

  The Seminars


  Elective course 2

  Elective course 4

  · Over 6 weeks

  · Choose between
    Internship or Start-up Training

  Master Graduation Project





  Master Graduation Project










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